Berkenye Cold Storage

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Berkenye Cold Storage
Offers quality. Naturally.
Berkenye Cold Storage
Offers quality. Naturally.


We are constantly striving to have satisfied customers who trust our company and our high quality frozen products. This is how we achieve this:

Most of the fruit production is done using AKG methods (environmentally friendly agriculture) with minimal chemical application compared to conventional production. We also grow 100 % chemical-free organic products under the supervision of Biokontroll Hungaria Ltd. This guarantees fruit that is produced in environmentally friendly ways for our clients.

We build close relationships with our growers providing continuous professional help for them.

Due to the proximity of our fields, the fruit arrives to our cold storage within a short time after picking, preserving freshness.

The careful freezing of fruit is ensured by fluid bed or cold chamber freezing technology.

Processing is done using the most modern methods and equipment, like Sortex optical sorting and seeding machines, metal detector, etc.

We operate the MSZ EN ISO 22000: 2005 quality assurance and HACCP systems based on consumer request and food safety regulations.

We train and motivate our employees to feel a sense of responsibility in the production.

We strive to develop our services, technology and operating systems to meet the constantly changing customer demand.


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