Berkenye Hűtőház Kft. We offer quality frozen fruit!


We, at Berkenye Hűtőház manufacture fresh frozen fruit products for food manufacturers, foodservice distributors, and retailers in Hungary since 1992.

A family-owned firm operated by a collaborative team of accomplished fruit processing professionals who oversee its fields and state of the art processing facility. Built from the ground up, our plant is equipped with the most innovative fruit processing technology; allowing us to implement new and fruitful customer solutions for industrial ingredients and food service.

 As a vertically integrated company, Berkenye Hűtőház takes fruit processing to the next level.

We are heavily invested in our growers – to us, they are not just people we do business with, they are family. We have been building upon these mutually beneficial relationships for over 30 years.

We process frozen fruits, which are harvested at the peak of freshness and frozen in season to capture their flavour, vitamins, and nutrients all year long.

Our company acts as manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer in one. By keeping the whole manufacturing process in one hand we can ensure that all ingredients produced are safe and always of the highest quality.

Let’s be our esteemed partner!


Tradition and experience 

Achieving our long-term targets, we increase fruit production on our own plantations.
Together our long-standing fruit growers we keep control the annual cycle of activities related to the growth and harvest of the fruits.


Supply guarantee

We are strongly committed to food safety, quality, and customer service.
We ensuring comprehensive fruit processing programs that consistently meet the industry’s most stringent quality standards at competitive conditions..


Practice of developing

Everything we frequently do is geared towards your success.  We offer our clients industry-leading technological solutions, whether it is catering, industrial processing purposes or retail operations.

The vision of our company

“Our core mission is to enrich our frozen fruit consumers with affordable fresh fruit taste experiences in every season, locking in all the taste and nutrients at competitive conditions.

We continuously work on the development of the local fruit processing field, we have been established a long-term mutual trust relationship with our growers, esteemed clients, as well as our employees.
Our vision is achieving to become a decisive and innovative producer in the frozen fruit business within Europe.”

Szilárd Schmidt- General manager, Chairman

Why choose Berkenye Hűtőház?


BEACAUSE OF: Only high standard and trustful quality delivered.

BEACAUSE OF: Offering you more than twenty processed fruits

BEACAUSE OF: Valuable experience in fruit and foodstuff production over past 30 years.

BEACAUSE OF: Our fruits and vegetables are out of environmentally responsible farming.

BEACAUSE OF: We grant the preserved natural freshness and taste of our fruits for costumers.

BEACAUSE OF: We have got the cost effective state-of-the-art production and packing facilities.

Our quality assurance program of latest version of IFS 7.1 is configured to ensure consistent product monitoring.

Sustainable fruit farming and procession always targeted.

Berkenye Hűtőház in Numbers

Processing fruit since 1994

5000 tons of IQF fruits annually

1000 ha controlled farming

Berkenye Hűtőház, the fruitful business partner!

Making life fruity!

Learn about the history of our company!


Making life fruity!


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