Sustainable farming

Food safety in professional supply chain management is consistently a top priority. In response to this challenge, we have implemented a vertically integrated company structure, which, in conjunction with our close relationship with the supply chain, provides a distinct competitive advantage to our esteemed clientele.

As we work toward achieving our long-term objectives, we have made significant investments in increasing fruit production on our privately-owned plantations. The proximity of our plantations to our processing facilities ensures that freshly harvested fruits are rapidly processed and frozen, preserving their natural freshness and flavour for our customers.

Watch a short movie about our sour cherry harvest and apple harvest!

In addition to our farming operations, we have established an agricultural service provider, known as NÓGRÁD-TÉSZ, to support our long-standing fruit growers.

Together, we maintain meticulous control over the annual cycle of activities related to fruit growth and harvesting. Furthermore, we conduct on-site inspections to ensure that all requirements are met and standards are upheld.