GFSI certified production 

Our facilities have various automated processing lines, that enable capabilities to produce individually quick-frozen fruits in compliance with most modern European food requirements.

Our process begins with thorough washing and meticulous cleaning, followed by precise actions such as needle pitting, halving, dicing, or slicing. These carefully prepared fruits are then flash frozen to preserve their nutrients, goodness, and sweet flavours.

The state-of-art optical sorters ensure that our fruits consistently meet the most stringent cleanness from vegetal impurities, non-conform products and can comply with the most sophisticated standards of customer’s requests.

Our freezing tunnels with true fluidization leads to very quick-frozen berries while keeping them separate from each other. This technology preserves their structural integrity, natural freshness and taste of our fruits after thawing as well.

We are proud of our pitted sour cherries with extreme low stone tolerances, produced by our team with decades of experience.