Berkenye Cold Storage

Fagyasztott gyümölcsök


Another activity is fruit production on over 50 hectares of land which provides the primary material for cold storage. On the land surrounding our facility we grow a variety of raspberries, red currants, black currents, blackberries and sour cherries. Much of the fruit is grown organically without the use of chemicals following the rules of Biokontroll Hungaria Ltd, a supervisory authority. An automatic drip irrigation system provides water for the orchards from our artificial lake of 3 hectares.

Beside fruit we specialize in the growing of other agricultural plants as well. On 120 hectares of land we grow barley, rape, fall wheat and triticale. Most of our grain product is distributed domestically to farmers, mills and the producers of animal feed.

The agricultural work is performed with modern machinery during each production phase.

Services by power machines:

  • - harrowing, sowing, spraying, harvesting,

    lawn mowing

  • - various earth moving work with front-end loaders

    and trenchers